Ways to Safely Store Your Gun while Driving

For carry, safety, or passion – Most of us carry a gun with us. And as we commute from one place to another, we take our gun with us and carry it however we feel is safe. Some of us carry the gun in the glove compartment, some over the dash, always at grasp, some carrying it in their holster which is always in person. While driving a car, storing the gun safely is a really important caution, and we are going to discuss how to.

Why You Should Safely Store Your Gun While Driving

Usually, a car does not have a suitable place where you can store your gun. If it is a revolver, you can put it in the glove box – but there are some issues too.

When you put it in the glove box, you are storing it away from you, somewhere you cannot see it. So when it is time for any kind of emergency, you need to open the box, look, and then find and pick up the gun, and then you can defend yourself in any situation.

If it is not a revolver but any kind of shotgun or rifle, most of the time you would put it in the back or in the trunk or in the passenger seat. In this, the same problem comes here too, you cannot use the gun in an emergency, moreover, there are possibilities of muggers stealing your gun.

Most importantly, when you drive, if the road is bumpy and the gun is not secure, it will jump around or move around, therefore there will always remain a possibility of misfiring and the safety coming off.

Last but not least, if the gun jumps around on the floor or in the trunk, it might get hit with the body of the car and upon lots of hits and bumps, it might get any kind of damage. Now, when it comes to guns, even the little damages are really important and time and money consuming to fix.

Ways To Safely Store Your Gun While Driving

There are many ways to safely store your gun in the car while driving, but among them, the most popular is the gun magnet.

Gun magnets are popular all over the country for their convenience and providing quick access to the firearm when in need, and in the car, it performs exactly the same.

It attaches to the side of the middle section, and you can place it as you like. You can place the gun in quick defense mode where you can set it up with a magnet to reaching as fast as you want, or you can make sure it is stored in a way that in no case, no one will get hurt.

Storing your gun with a gun magnet will give you the feeling of carrying a holster in your car – and the gun would be ready to draw at any moment’s notice while being totally safe.


Gun is a very sensitive thing, and while it is a great tool and a passion for many, not storing it in person or in-car can cause serious issues, and sometimes even serious damage. We should all be safe while carrying and storing a gun.

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