Active Games to Play on the Beach

Beach holidays are more than just reading, sunbathing and sleeping because this will not set you free from the dwelling on your frustration and stress. Only fun activities and games can do the trick to get you experience all of what beach holidays offers.
There are several exciting ways to enjoy the summer sun on beach with competitive games and beach toys for adults.


The best game to play for a big group of friends on beach is volleyball. Usually four players are required for one side to play but to add more fun, you can add more players too. Many of the busy beaches have nets installed for volleyball lovers. But these nets generally remain reserve for professionals.
So, if you want to try this summer Olympics game, then you might need following items.

  • A ball
  • A net
  • Pair of poles
  • Sand socks
  • Line Markings

Frisbee (Flying Disc)

This exciting and competitive game to play on beach is also recommended for big groups. With this flying disc, you can play in three different ways. We are segregating these ways from easy to hard level.

  • Frisbee Bowling (Easy)

Place some wood sticks or empty bottles at some distance and try to knock down this target with Frisbee, just like we do in bowling. This game form does not require much energy.

  • Disc Golf (Medium)

This game form is also super exciting without any intense physical involvement. You just have to toss your frisbee in less possible attempts into a basket or your marked area.

  • Ultimate (Hard)

Ultimate frisbee has become one of the recognized sports by IOC. This is a highly competitive but low contact team sports with minimum of five players on each side, trying to toss frisbee in the opposite end zone.

Over the Line

OTL is one of the most famous San Diego bat and ball sports, invented by a group of beach lovers. This sport is now equally popular on beaches from the other world. Typically, each side consists of three players trying to hit the ball over the point lines and between the lines of false territory.
In the fair territory, you can get more points by tossing ball over the furthest point line. There are numerous ways to get batting player out.

  • Caught in Air
  • Ball hitting ground before the first line.
  • Swing and miss
  • Two times hitting in false territory.

In this sport, pitcher and batter are on the same side unlikely in baseball. There is a 11-run rule which means the team with 11 runs at the end of inning will win the game.

Beach Soccer

Beach soccer, sand football and beach football are all the known names of this sport. This sport is quite similar to football or futsal, but unlikely football has grass court and futsal has hard court, this sport plays on sand or beach. Here, teams also comprise to five players only on each side.
A soft ball is used because beach soccer is likely to be played without shoes. This sport is becoming more and more popular worldwide due to less equipment involved in it.

  • A soft ball
  • Poles / Cones for goal post
  • Line markings

This sport requires more agility, fitness and accuracy because it is quite difficult to run on sand and hit the ball. That’s why its court is also quite smaller than the ordinary football and futsal.

Paddle Ball

One of the most famous and classic beach sports, paddle ball only requires wooden paddles and a rubber ball to play. This sport is equally popular in adults and kids.
Typically, this sport is played between two players, one verses another with the wooden paddles, trying to keep the ball in the air.
You can also keep the track of points to make it more interested by draw boundaries on the sand. Player will earn a point if other player misses the ball and fails to return the ball or the opposite player toss the ball over the boundary on your side.


All these beach sports come with fun and excitement and take us away from the daily hectic and stressful routine. So, enjoy your summer holidays by playing these traditional and competitive sports with your friends.

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