How to Become a Professional Baseball Player?

If you have a passion for playing baseball and have shown some skills, succeeding at every level you’ve played, then it’s probably crossed your mind to become a professional baseball player. But what does it actually take to become one a small group of elite players that make it to the professional level?

Become a professional athlete in any sport is monumental decision with many important decisions and challenges to overcome. Nevertheless, if you have ability, desire, confidence, and work ethic, you may be able to play baseball at the highest level.  Remember that the competition is intense. If you are the best player in your region, be aware that the others you are competing against will also be the best in their regions.

Study the Game

First, have as much understanding of the game as possible. Watch videos about the science behind the game, read books about the nuances of the game, watch games and players at your position and study how they go about their business in the field, on the bases and at the plate.  Be a student and pick the brains of top coaches for tips and strategies. Also remember, any top baseball player should be physically fit, so be diligent in workouts.

Proper Equipment Can Make a Difference

In addition to having the talent, the right equipment can also give the slight edge needed to getting over the top. Starting with the glove, don’t just grab any glove off the rack at your local sporting goods store. There are special gloves for different positions and pay attention that it is made of good quality leather and fits properly to your hand.

When choosing a bat, don’t just go with one that your favorite professional is using. Although metal bats are often used at the collegiate level, be sure to buy a wooden bat, since that is what is used at the professional ranks. Get a bat that you are able to swing comfortably without extra effort. If you notice you are swinging late or popping up a lot of pitches, the bat may be too heavy to get through the strike zone properly or is causing a dip in the swing.

While you won’t have to buy your own batting helmet at any level, when playing be sure to pick one that fits snugly and has a good amount of padding. If you are a catcher, make sure to have the gear that fits snugly and choose a large, well-padded catcher’s mitt to absorb the impact of the 100 pitches you may have to catch over the course of a game.

Don’t forget about a good catchers bag which will fit everything you need to carry to the game or training.

Be aware that top of the line gear can be expensive, in terms of several hundred and even thousand dollars and more, so prepare accordingly.

Practice, Practice, Practice

To compete at the professional level, you should practice specific baseball skills and general drills that are essential for any athlete. Great hand-eye coordinate is a must in order to properly field and hit a ball.  Work on sprinting, since that is what most of the running is in baseball when going from base to base or tracking down a ball in the field.

The earlier you begin working on the skills needed to succeed, the better your chances. Training daily in baseball related activities, whether it in a team practice or on your own, is important to developing your skills.  In addition to a team coach, a personal coach specific for your position can help improve your skills and keep you focused at the prize ahead, which is a career in professional baseball.

Long Road to Success and Getting Noticed

When and how does one begin the long road to the professional ranks? Begin in school by signing up for baseball camps that may be hosted by local coaches or players.  At the early stages in development, what is important is learning the fundamentals and not the results on the field.  Have someone record your practices so you can view with a coach to see your progress and areas that need improvement.

If you reach the point of being a very skilled player in high school and all-star travel teams, you will want to continue your path upon graduation. In this case, you can opt for college at a local junior level or at a higher level. Note that the higher levels is generally where the professional scouts will appear. Perhaps you will even be good enough to get a professional tryout and if good enough can be placed in a rookie minor league and work up the ranks.

The amount of success you have in getting noticed for recruiting isn’t all about your ability. While that is a major part, after all, without ability scouts won’t give you a second look.  What you can control, however, is the amount of exposure you get. Attend any and all possible tryouts and camps. Every time you put yourself out there on stage, the more likely you are to get noticed by a scout, given you have great talent.

Be sure to focus on your strengths and improve upon them.  Perhaps you wanted to be a power hitter, but after years of work find that your strength is speed and contact hitting. Focus on that. But if you have natural power, don’t try to become a speedster on the bases and be a singles hitter. Go with your strengths and improve upon them.  While it’s great to have talents in every area, being excellent in one area increases your chances of getting recruited than being just average in many areas.

Be well aware that the journey to the professional level is extremely challenging, even for the best players. The harsh reality is that only a very small percentage of those that are tops in their high school ever set foot on a professional field. There are few spots available, so complete commitment, determination and passion are the best ways to maximize your chances.

Never give up. Keep striving for your goals and perhaps you will be one of the select few to live out your dream of becoming a professional baseball player.

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