Swimming and Gym: Which is better?

People adopt exercises for different reasons such as losing or maintaining their weights, lifting their energy level up and strengthening their muscles. For this, people join gyms or go swimming. We will discuss swimming and going to the gym both in detail to see which one is more effective to keep your body healthy.

Gym VS Swimming

Swimming as Workout

Swimming has very healthy benefits for our body and if you can spare some time from your daily routine, you can totally make swimming your daily workout routine. This full-body workout can increase your heart rate without tensing your muscles. According to researchers, 20 minutes of swimming burn more than 250 calories, the same as running for the same amount of time.


  • Swimming can increase your heart rate without stressing your body.
  • Total body involvement can shape all of your muscles very well.
  • It can be a great way to reduce your weight as it burns calories rapidly.
  • According to doctors and researchers, it fastens the rate at which your injuries or wounds heal.
  • It is one of the best cardiovascular exercises as it strengthens your hearts and lungs too.
  • Swimming also helps in increasing our lung capacity.

This article says more about swimming benefits.

Why Not Go Swimming Daily?

The answer to this question can’t be absolute as every person has his own thinking and his own physical capabilities. Some people prefer doing something else as a daily workout routine over swimming, some people don’t have the physical capabilities to go swimming daily, some just don’t have the right equipment to go swimming such as anti-fog glasses.
But for people who don’t have such issues, swimming is recommended for them to consider it as their daily workout routine.

Gym Overview

Physical activity or exercise performed using equipment and with the counsel of someone is called a gym. Most people are under the impression that the gym is only used to build muscles, but many others also use it as a way to keep themselves fit and healthy.

Why Going to the Gym is Worthy?

Once a wise man said, “A healthy body has a healthy mind.”

So, it is important to keep your body involved in physical activities along with our long hectic work routines that mainly involve our minds. Also, running and working out at home doesn’t involve some of your muscles in physical activity.
Hence, going to the gym can worth it as they have all sorts of equipment that target those muscles.

Drawbacks of Gyms

Going to the gym is good but mainly gyms lack in having a good instructor. Workouts in gyms can cause pains, agitation, dizziness, heart and joint disease, mental illness, and low energy levels.

Gym vs Swimming Comparisons

  • Cardiovascular
    • Swimming can be very beneficial as a cardio workout because it strengthens your heart and muscles.
    • There is a number of cardio exercises that you can do in the gym but these are not as effective as swimming is.
  •  Burning Calories
    • Swimming can be a very good way to lose weight as it takes all of your muscles to swim and in return burns calories fast.
    • In case of burning calories going to the gym is as good as swimming because it too burns a lot of calories because working in the gym challenges your body and helps in burning calories from your targeted body part.
  •  Building Muscles
    • In building muscles, swimming is one effective training. Swimming mostly works for your core and abdominal muscles but cannot be much effective for your arm and leg muscles.
    • Building muscles is where the gym shines a lot. It helps you build every muscle of your body according to your desire as the gym has a separate machine for every body part.

Which one is better?

The question finally stands which one is good as we’ve seen that both swimming and going to the gym have their own benefits. Like swimming is good for your internal organs and going to the gym is good for building muscles. So, it is really hard to say which one is better.
We recommend you to keep a mixed routine such as one day for the gym and the next day for swimming. Because this is how you can work on your both internal and external body parts.

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