Which caliber pellets are better for hunting?

One of the biggest debates among airgun enthusiasts and hunters is which is the best of better than all other pellets for hunting. This debate is so widespread that 10 different hunters will give 10 different answers to that question. However, today we will try to solve this riddle and state which pellet is if not even the best, one of the better ones for hunting.

Pellets caliber

The Importance of Pellet Caliber

Choosing the most suitable caliber pellet for your own hunting is not the only thing you need to choose carefully, it also decides the type of gun you are going to buy.

Also, You need to have proper knowledge about your skills and experience regarding this to choosing the right caliber pellet for your hunting needs. If you are already migrating from one caliber to another, you already have some knowledge about the calibers and their advantages over one another, but you might still need to know which is considered by most one of the better pellets for hunting.

Pellet Caliber For Hunting – The Better option

.177 caliber pellets are most popular for hunting. It is known to be one of the most common and widespread in the air gun world. This pellet is light and small. One of its biggest advantages is that it is really cheap and can be found in any shop or place that has an airgun.

177 caliber pellets

Though the pellet has a fixed caliber, they have different weights to them ranging from 7 to 20 grains. Most of them are the grains from 8 to 10.5 grams.

Due to pellet becoming so light, it can be shot at a higher speed compared to other pellets such as .22 or .25. Thus the pellets gain a flatter pellet trajectory.

If you use a sub 12 ft-lbs rifle, the shooting becomes more of strategy, aim, and timing rather than energy. In that case, the .177 is easier to handle and shoot, mainly because of its well-designed ballistics.

Compared to the other caliber pellets, .177 is just ahead in all the ways except for some. The .22 and the .25 might feel like those will do more damage to the prey, but at the end of the day, they are more affected by the wind. Also, due to their weight, they achieve a much lower speed than the .177 options.

A .25 caliber pellet can reach up to 400 fps, and the .22 caliber pellet reaches 600 fps. Meanwhile, a .177 round can reach up to 800 fps, and this is the main reason why most of the world-class shooters shoot .177 calibers.

When you are shooting something up close, then .22 and .25 pellets will do more damage than the counterparts. Meanwhile, the .177 will make up for this with long-range and the ability to carry speed and hit on the target.


Lightweight with small size, and the ability to reach furthermore, and cutting wind faster than the counterparts – these are what made .177 if not the best, but most common pellet caliber for hunting.

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