Why is Golf so expensive?

You would think that a game that cuts across all working-class and age groups would be cheap and inexpensive, but it is not so with the game of golf. Now, let’s take a proper look at some factors that affect golf, thereby making it an expensive sport.

Below, I have listed and explained some of the reasons why golf is considered an expensive sport.


Courses and maintenance

Perhaps the most beautiful and amazing part of golf is where it takes place. Unlike any other sport, the game of golf requires many acres and miles of land diligently spread in luscious green grass, and most courses offer an abundance of trees, animals, and other wildlife to enjoy and have a great view.

These courses (between 80 to 150 acres) need massive amounts of maintenance. And this is usually from the player’s pockets. So, this is one of the reasons why golf hence why is expensive.

Pieces of golf gear

Another reason why it is believed that golf is an expensive sport is due to the types of equipment involved. To be a golfer, you need to purchase golf clubs, golf chippers (a club designed to feel like a putter, highly used by beginners), drivers, golf balls (made with the right material), clothing (golf socks, shirts, and collared shirts), bags as well as other necessary pieces of equipment.

Some of these types of equipment, especially clubs (a whole set, consisting of 14 different clubs that serve a different purpose), are expensive to purchase. And this is due to the research and development that takes place before manufacturing to enable these pieces of equipment to last longer and ensure smooth use that would not cause harm to the body. Golf is a game that requires precision, which means that Club manufacturers will put a lot of technologies and designs in the club to improve performance, distance, Apex, spin, launch, and feel.


Perhaps the main reason why golf is expensive is due to the perception of golf we keep in mind. This might be due to the fact that many business people or high-level politicians are into the sport.

For example, the sport might not be popular in some certain countries. So, since golf is not popular in the country, it is also thought that this is a game of foreigners and by default, perceives it to be expensive.

Expensive golf coaches

If you cannot swim, you do not dive into a swimming pool, so is the need for instructors, trainers, or coaches.

Golf is expensive for beginners due to the pieces of equipment that have to be bought. And once they are bought, they can last for a long time! And help cut costs. Health organizations would recommend picking golf as your everyday sport due to the mental and physical benefits it has to offer.

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